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Peaceful Zen GardenThe giving of flowers are often words that can't be expressed by any other means. Long gifted as symbols of love, happiness, and condolence, the many varieties of flowers hold different meanings. From saying goodbye to sincere gratitude, flowers of the month provide an opportunity to find just the right flower to convey your feelings when words aren't enough.

Once you've chosen your flower of the month check out how to care for your fresh flowers to extend the life of your fresh cut arrangement.

At Wygant Floral we are passionate about helping our Clients express their feelings with a floral arrangement, be it a fresh cut, silk, a planter or a self-inspired composition of floral harmony. We welcome the opportunity to help you express your words with flowers.
January Carnations - Much like Roses, Carnations comes in several different colors to convey different meanings.
  • Pink carnation signifies affection.
  • Red Carnation means “I Love You.”
  • White Carnations mean pure love.
  • Striped Carnations means there is regret that the love is not shared.
  • Yellow Carnations represent rejection or disappointment.
The Snowdrop - The Snowdrop is a delicate flower that signifies hope and beauty.
February The Violet signifies watchfulness, loyalty, and faithfulness.

The Primrose is a colorful perennial that lets someone know that you can’t live without them.
March Daffodil - The Daffodil – The bright yellow petals signify unequaled love.

Jonquil - The Jonquil is a particular kind of daffodil, and it represents a desire for your affection to be returned. It is also used to convey sympathy.
April Daisy - The Daisy conveys innocence, loyal love and purity. It is also a flower that can be given to friends to keep a secret. The means “I’ll never tell.”

Sweet Pea - The Sweet Pea, on the one hand, signifies blissful pleasure and on the other, it is used to say good-bye.
May Lily of the Valley – Lily of the Valley often known for its fragrance represents sweetness, humility and a return of happiness.

Hawthorn Plant – The Hawthorn plant signifies that you want only the best for the recipient and it represents hope and supreme happiness.
June Rose – Roses like carnations have several meanings.
  • Pink Rose signifies perfect happiness
  • Red Rose, of course, means “I Love You” and a single Rose means “I Really Love You.”
  • White Rose represents innocence and purity
  • Yellow Rose conveys jealousy or a lessening of Love
  • A bouquet of Roses means sincere gratitude
Honeysuckle – The Honeysuckle is a robust symbolic symbol for everlasting bonds of love.
July Larkspur - The Larkspur, unlike the Carnation and Rose, has several different meanings.
  • Pink means fickleness.
  • White conveys a happy nature.
  • Purple represents the first love.
Water Lily - The Water Lily represents purity and majesty
August Gladiolus – The Gladiolus also known as the “Sword Lily” signifies remembrance, calm, integrity and infatuation.

Poppy – The different Poppy colors each has a separate meaning.
  • Red Poppy signifies pleasure
  • White Poppy is for consolation
  • Yellow Poppy is for wishes of wealth and success
September Aster – Asters are symbols of mighty love.

Morning Glory – The Morning Glory is a symbol of affection.
October Marigold – The Marigold is a sign of warm or even fierce undying love.

Cosmos – Cosmos is a symbol of order, peace, and serenity.
November Chrysanthemum - The different colors of Chrysanthemums have different meanings
  • Red Chrysanthemum means “I Love You.”
  • White Chrysanthemum signifies innocence, purity and pure love.
  • Yellow Chrysanthemum means slighted love.
December Holly – The Holly is a symbol for domestic happiness.

Narcissus~Paperwhite – The Narcissus conveys your desire for your beloved to stay just the way they are.

Now that you have learned about the various flowers for each month explore our endless floral arrangements. When your not sure what to send, contact the experienced florists at Wygant Floral or call (574)232-3354 as we welcome to opportunity to help you find the perfect gift for your particular occasion.

* Flower of the Month information obtained from The Old Farmers Almanac
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